Monday, February 15, 2010

A powerful attraction..
a broken relationship,
broken lives,
dismembered spirit.
A hollow,
empty future.
Gone are the days i could
keep myself detached.
Now nothing seems the same,
disgusted, yet helplessly in love with you,
there is only one way i have to choose...
a quietude i wish i could have,immersed into which i
could escape the questions you have...

It is true i cannot live like this...
I have to tell you someday.
I cannot escape it.

I remember what it was to 'be' with you..
Try as i may, i cannot come back in the same way...
yet i cant accept what has happened now.
iam standing on the outside looking in,
waiting for you..
waiting for that moment that will bind
us eternally.
Yes, i miss you.
yet, why?
why is it that iam unable to be with you?
why dont i still feel the caress of your gaze?
the caress that touches the crevices with the gentlenes so firm,
so possesive, yet so tender in the sheer passion of its being..
Intangible, yet, so real.

Iam seeking an answer
that will release me from
the trauma within me...
I need you to soothe me
like only you can.
But why do i spurn your attempts?
Why dont i want you when i see you?
yet crave for that look,the touch
that will relieve me?
i hate you.
i love you.
i cannot escape you.