Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am fed up.
Fed up of your excuses,
of your 'unintentional' deceitful deeds,
of your careless attitude toward me
when you know, you are the only one i need.

I am fed up.
Waiting for you to come home late from work at nights,
for no particular reason you stay up doing overtime.
The food lies cold,
while you are busy blowing hot and cold.

I am fed up.
Fed up of being taken for granted,
what once seemed like a compliment
is now only punishment.

I hate it when you look at me..
when my eyes tell you everything that my lips cant.
Your eyes that know the pain,
lower themselves and the veil of ignorance comes back.
You are tearing me apart.
Bit by bit, strand by strand, piece by piece.
I am dying, and you know it so well!
You were the first to diagnose the symptoms!
Why do you deny it?
Why pretend?
that this is not the end?
What do you want me alive for?
I am not the repentance for your past sins.
It is too late now.
Its over.
I am free.


  1. Excellent work!!

    The poem expresses pent up emotions in a remarkable way! Keep it up!

  2. Bahoot acche! especially for the first ever attempt in poem writing y u!

  3. good work prash.. i really hope u plan to continue writing poetry

  4. good stuff!! I want to know who are u fed up with :P

  5. ohh la la.. prashaste.. upto sum reali gud writings.. **applause**

  6. Prose-poetry in blank verse?

    Though the narrator's saying that s/he's free doesn't actually mean that s/he's totally & completely free, does it?

  7. Excellent sister....Excellent!
    you may not know why and maybe no one else.
    But this poem is an answer to a question in my life. A question intrigued by others, argued by all and defended by me. I am the sentinel to this question though I always felt the need of a stronger arms to protect my conscience from the rising debates all around me. This defines an aftermath of a time of life we all have to have in our lives and which feels like a bondage clinging to your soul which will remind you of your super-ego but the feeling of responsibilities will always make you realise that 'I am free' is more like 'Am I free?' Well I do believe I have a long journey destined to myself and I will also reach the delimitation of this phase of life. I believe I can express my felicity not by saying 'great job' but by saying 'Thankyou'. Wonderful!!!

  8. Brilliant attempt !!! feelings expressed very strongly .........