Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Thanks to the ultimate war between KESCO and Torent, Kanpur has been suffering.. err... sweating it out..naah not in the gyms, but at home, coz baby, there aint no electricity in the house since the past 15 hours...Yours truly will be writing(rushing) this post in a record breaking 10 minutes time.
But you know, this has actually been a blessing in diguise.My mum and me have been doing some major bonding over her sarees.Yes! and believe me iam actually jumping with joy because of all the thins i can do with the ones she doesnt wear now.I was enthralled with the variety of the nine yards she has collected over the years. zardozi, brocade, kaanjeevaram, paithni,the ultimate banarsis among the wonderfully crisp cottons, the enchanting silks(by the way, i came to know that there is an even greater variety in silk!) the light but extremely gorgeous chiffons and the georgettes...Some she has gotten bored of, the others are too delicate to be worn again,I have been planning to put them to use and create something beautiful out of them.tJust thinking of the endlees possibilities gives me a high. There can be cushion covers, bedsheets, quilts, diwan sets made of the older sarees and the amount of clothing that can be redesigned and brightened by just embellishing them with pieces of the these sarees is exciting.Lets see, my bags need a little brightening up, i can actually make some folders out of the pallus and i need new kurtas and skirts and tees and chappals and jewellery.. off.. as i said afore, the possibilties are endless. and i just cant wait to get started!!
Oh! by the way, i also founnd some antiques among them too like my nani's nepali sarees and my dadi's wedding trouseau.Wish i could use them too but i guess some things are just for preserving and admiring. I cant wear them but iam going to get some of them framed and put em up on the walls. That and the refurbishing of my room will
definitely be the icing on the cake.
You know, may be i should get into interior designing, i can actually change the face of a roome in minutes and in a reasonable budget.. maybe you should start thinking too.. so who wants a room makeover?
Buhbye sweetums.. get creative.


  1. Your Highness: What a seamless smashing entry into Blogsvilla!!

    Nice writing and you are actually using your time well...

    take care

  2. nice tabs!! will surely try to b creative girl...he.h.e.he...

  3. Well, no comments on the sarees (except that keep up the good work!). Yet, something on the way they're presented- a pretty endearing, open, free-flowing writing sytle.
    (And is the profile picture just "wacky" or is it something else?)

  4. aakash my loyal follower, thankyou

    radhika-yeah baby, u have loads of time on hand and knowing you, i know for a fact ul rock when u start doing up ur place.

    anubhav- wacky is wt iam and not what my picture represents. The picture does represents the breaking of the mentals blocks i have had in life.

  5. that sure will give a lot of ideas to work on dear. That is really nice that you came up with such reusable ideas. Wonderful.
    You are creative....that is unquestionable!\
    You sure have a knack for designing stuff.

  6. @ pranay- bro ur such a darlin!its qquit e flattering u kno to have smtn like this from sum1 whos in this field!

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