Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Write I will.


I have finally decided that i will start blogging. I started this blog way back in May but then i guess i got cold feet and conveniently dumped the blame on poor ''writer's block'.He's been been pampering me big time by letting me blame my late assignments and the procrastination under his brand!Thank you my dear, for always being there when i needed some excuse to avoid the glares and the yelling.. but now I am on my own, have to get out this vicious cocoon.

well, to cut the crap,



  1. Oh thanku ji thanku welcome karne ke liye! :)
    Good that you have now started blaming yourself for all the blocks......hehe :P
    Abhi to just writing this as an informal one.......so good that if not through somthing else thn at least one can catch you and your thoughts here!.....and now dont blame time for not writing further or replying!

  2. danke! iam glad i can finally know ur around.. like me, i guess i cant s eem to catch u too. hopefully, will write good stuff

  3. well this is the 17th time I am trying to post this comment! Let's see if it works...

    Well the fact that I am a follower before a single long post describes and testifies my dedication and confidence in Your Highness! I am waiting with bated breath for any masterpiece of yours.

    Your Highness, keep writing...