Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simmer Down!

The headlines on every newspaper is talking about the attacks on Indian students studying abroad, the main news being the recent unending attacks on Indian students studying in the land of good times, Australia.Although the news is obviously quite unnerving and disturbing, it has not surprised me .Now, before you immedieately pack me off as a traitor, let me explain my stance.
It is human nature to feel envious of some one who is doing well, and QUITE well and it is even more frustrating to realize that the job could be or was yours.Above all that is the fact that you also have to realize that someone from a less well to do country has snatched it away.We have to agree that not all of us are the one who will accept the situation as it is congratulate the replacement and be content looking for another job after having gone steady with the previous company for a long time.So obviously no one would sit hatching eggs and the pressure cooker like mind lets its contents -irritation ,frustration and helplessness simmer and boil and one day when it starts whistling.. boy, it whistles world peace away ,not to mention the the stuff that comes out with excessive steam loss( people who know cooking can understand better).What i mean is that all these are the reasons leading to racism and even regionalism.
Regionalism and racism are quite the two sides of the same coin, the difference being that regionalism is at a micro level and thus is a precusor to its macro level 'improvement', racism.
In India, the roots of regionalism go a very very long way. As far as i can remember,it started even before the Ramayana and the Mahabharath, even before the invasion of the aryans in the dravidian lands.Infact, the Indian epics are quite a treasure trove for examples on regionalism, racism!Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, a resident of the mighty island country Lanka(now Sri Lanka).The Indian subcontinent and its surrounding areas had then been invaded and plundered by the aryans who managed to claim supremacy in a very short period and thus successfully relegated the dravidians to the southern part of the subcontinent and the neighbours.Hence, Ravan's presence at Sita's swayamvar was markedly more of a way to prove himself by dismantling the shiva bow himself, defeating the fellow fairskinned competitors and marrying Sita.His inability to break the object and the resulting humiliation faced by him at the hand of the other princes and the consequent kidnapping of Sita resulting in the war between the aryan and the dravidian can be looked upon as Ravan's frustration at not being able to carve a niche for himself at the event and getting humiliated despite being superior to all of them in politcs, martial arts and academic as well as spiritual knowledge. The lankans fought because everyone of them feel that thier right to live an d be respected had been trounced upon by the fair skins, and in this fight, the emotion controls the reason hence the path of destruction seems more attractive than the path of introspection and improvement.
To quickly get to the point,it is the whole idea of the insecurity and frustrations in hits recessionist world that has led to some major outbursts. Iam in no way justifying the attacks happening in Oz, what iam saying is that instead of condemning a whole country as racsist, we must try to improve our relations with it ensuring strict action to be taken where needed and laxing on the agitation propoganda against it. Infact, Indians are racsist as anyone else, we rape foreign women terming them to be loose and deliberately provocative,cheat them a shamelessly as we can, call derogatory names to the slant eyed chinese, japanese,malays etc.Thus, to solve this problem in Oz it is better we give them a chance. Its the recession guys, their country must be the worst hit!After all its the best loved vacation venue, they must be badly hit as reservations are getting cancelled every second. Lets give em a break coz we all know what happens when the pressure cooker is put on the highest flame...precaution is always better than cure. lets stop over reacting at every lil bruise a student gets there.. not every abuse hurtled is a racist comment.. lets not provoke a full fledged racsist attack to be inflicted upon us by continually keeping the cooker covered... simmer down!


  1. well it was really nice to read ur blog cause it really gave me a new outlook towards this issue that is procuring our minds for the instance and might continue to linger on in the following times to come.
    What is really important is understanding between the two parties instead of creating assumptions traced back from the past episodes of ill-treatment.
    Well i really hope you publish your blog well and it really sets an impact in the minds of people ready to believe anythig but reasons and logics.

  2. That's one of the wackiest analogies I've come across in quite some time! a pressure cooker indeed! Hehehe!

    Though, I wouldn't be too sure about the arayan invasion theory. There's a new theory which claims that aryans were not invaders but the descendants of the Harappans. History keeps changing y'know! ;-)

  3. well, literature n history will never have one definite answer u c..